The Medical & Healthcare Community requested our office to reach out to Practice Owners to ask how wide-spread the Payroll Tax issue is across Australia, and to compile the data into a useful visual format.

We formulated the following Survey to enable Practice Owners to provide data such as: the Sum requested by the SROs and the Practice’s Post Code to establish a relatively accurate picture of the problem unfolding across the country.

If you would like to participate in providing  your community with a better understanding of the issue, please complete the Survey and we will endeavour to update the Map as the data is collated and verified.

Payroll Tax Letter – Survey

Sum requested by the SRO : State/Territory Post Code : Date Received : Whether Evidence Provided regarding said Sum

ABOVE EXAMPLE: Please note that if the particular Medical Practice is outside of a Metropolitan area, in the interest of maintaining Confidentiality, our office has adjusted the location to an adjacent Post Code.

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